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VapourSense is a custom-designed portable quadrupole mass spectrometer (QMS) with a membrane inlet.  It is used for analysis of vapour samples in air as well as for residual gas analysis. It is ideal for rapid detection of volatile (VOCs) and semi-volatile (SVOCs) organic compounds. It can operate in harsh environments with rapid setup and automated tuning.  VapourSense can be used for laboratory or in-field chemical analysis. Applications include security, environmental, medical and forensic analysis.

Handheld DAPCI

DAPCI (Direct Ambient Pressure Chemical Ionisation) is a novel, handheld ambient ionisation source that can be used stand alone or coupled to a mass spectrometer for analysis a broad range of compounds. An important application is the detection of drugs and explosives at important border security checkpoints. However the ionisation mechanism and ease of use leads means it has the ability to perform ambient analysis in a variety of fields in user selectable positive or negative ionisation modes.

Smart Inlet Valves

This innovative new product is immediately available and can greatly assist in the introduction of ambient ions into a vacuum region for mass analysis. The industry leading pinch valves used in this product are fully opening thereby ensuring unobstructed flow of particles. The electronics control unit that ships with each valve or set of valves is able to control up to 8 individual valves simultaneously via PC driven software.Each valve can be controlled with millisecond precision to pulse a stream on ions into a vacuum chamber. In addition when closed the valve is able to exert sufficient pressure to maintain a vacuum. The durable construction and high life cycle of this product ensures reliability and performance in any other applications that require pulsed gas flow.



Monitoring of water quality is a key issue worldwide. The provision of clean, safe drinking water is important to all communities, everywhere. AquaMMS is a portable mass spectrometer capable of monitoring the purity of water in to extremely high sensitivities. The instrument can be used by a non-specialist operator at the point of measurement or addressed remotely over the internet.