Q-Technologies develops and supplies innovative mass spectrometry systems and is at the leading edge of micro and miniature mass spectrometry technology. The technology has applications in a wide range of existing and emerging areas across a variety of industries. We have exclusive technology that enables us to be a key provider of unique cutting edge solutions.

January 2018 saw Q-Technologies begin work on two separate projects: OCHRAVINE and EMERTOX, which seek to use our sensor technologies, along with those of our research partners, to actively monitor the presence of toxic fungi in crops and water quality and toxicity with respect to marine toxins, respectively. Both of these projects are funded by the EU through the RISE framework, which seeks to send researchers between partner organisations for research secondments.

Previous projects (from January 2012 up to the present) include the development of an artificial sensor to complement the work of sniffer dogs at border checkpoints (www.sniffles.eu), an in-water MS system used in aquaculture, and work for the National Nuclear Laboratory.

In October 2015 Q-Technologies was been a key player in the CHEMSNIFF project (www.chemsniff.eu), which aimed to further develop the groundbreaking systems created in the SNIFFLES project.