Q-Technologies New Product Release

Multiple channel Smart Inlet Valves (S.I.V) for ambient sample introduction into mass spectrometer

Q-Technologies Ltd is proud to present our latest product: a range of smart inlet valves (S.I.V) and a control Unit. Up to 8 fully opening pinch valves can be electronically controlled down to millisecond timing for mass spectrometry sample introduction or gas blending.

This innovative new product is immediately available and can greatly assist in the introduction of ambient ions into a vacuum region for mass analysis. The industry leading pinch valves used in this product are fully opening thereby ensuring unobstructed flow of particles. The electronics control unit that ships with each valve or set of valves is able to control up to 8 individual valves simultaneously via PC driven software.Each valve can be controlled with millisecond precision to pulse a stream on ions into a vacuum chamber. In addition when closed the valve is able to exert sufficient pressure to maintain a vacuum. The durable construction and high life cycle of this product ensures reliability and performance in any other applications that require pulsed gas flow.

Q Technologies completes successful collaboration with Sniffles project

Sniffles ‘Rover 2000’ beta system showing constituent parts, integrated device and docking station.

Sniffles ‘Rover 2000’ beta system showing constituent parts, integrated device
and docking station.

There were several technical achievements and outcomes from the Sniffles project. A linear ion trap (LIT) mass analyser was designed, manufactured and validated in a laboratory environment for the identification of hidden people, drug simulants (Methyl benzoateAcetic acid) and explosive simulants (2-nitrotoluene, Cyclohexanone).  The analyser electrodes and housing were manufactured by 3D printing to reduce its weight (85%) and cost (70%) and a novel voltage control method (ramped pulse method) was developed to improve LIT resolution (from 4 Da mass peak width to 1 Da with a 500Da mass range). This allowed for a simplified design and lower cost ECU. The LIT, ECU and battery were integrated into a mobile carry case (400x300x170mm–16Kg) togetherwith a vacuum system containing a high performance-to-size ratio Non Evaporable Getter pump which proved more robust, operated at low power (5W) and was free of vibration compared to turbo molecular pumps. Software development supported LIT design work through simulation and overall system operation, including control of the instrument via a Wi-Fi enabled tablet. Two patent applications were submitted on a glow discharge ion source and non-evaporable getter alloys suitable for hydrogen and carbon monoxide sorption. There has also been the development of a handheld DAPCI ion source for atmospheric sampling into portable and other MS systems. As part of the exploitation plan for Sniffles, a continuation project (ChemSniff) funded under the H2020 SME instrument began in October 2015. This project will focus on reducing system weight and volume, improving reliability and taking the device to TRL7; therefore closer to commercialisation.

Q Technologies wins Merseyside Innovation Awards

Q-Technologies is the successful April winner of the Merseyside Innovation Awards 2013.

Innovation has shaped the world we live in today, and the Merseyside Innovation Awards exist to encourage and enable people and businesses in Merseyside to develop and realise their innovative ideas.

It might be a new component, a new and improved way of addressing a familiar problem, or a product or process that has been designed from scratch.

Q-Technologies innovation is a high end, but portable scientific device that can identify chemicals instantly.

The company’s application greatly impressed the judging panel and scored very highly with respect to innovation, commercial potential and its impact on Merseyside.

Professor Steve Taylor was presented with a license to use the awards for marketing purposes, a Merseyside Innovation Awards certificate and a bottle of Champagne by Sponsor Ian McGee of NatWest.

On receiving the award Professor Taylor said “As a company we are delighted to receive the Merseyside Innovation award. I would to thank all those involved with the company whose hard work has made this possible”

Q-Technologies will now be considered to be short-listed for the annual final in July. Three companies will be chosen to present at the final and the overall winner will receive £10,000 in cash, support from some of the region’s leading business advisers, worth £4,000, and publicity for the idea

Previous members of MIA judging panel have included Trevor Baylis, Evan Davis and Steve Morgan.