Q-Technologies develops and supplies innovative sensing systems including miniature and portable mass spectrometry technology, e-nose sensors and unique inlet systems which can be adapted to any vacuum system. Our patented technology has applications in a wide range of existing and emerging areas across a variety of industries including energy, security, agriculture and healthcare. We have exclusive technology that enables us to be a key provider of unique cutting-edge solutions in all of the above sectors.

In 2021 Q-Technologies received a SMART award from Innovate UK (10004713) for the development of SOILYSISSMART portable soil sensor for the agricultural industry based on AI assisted, novel e-nose technology. Soils and sediments are tested in situ and results are available in real-time on a mobile smart phone (OS or Android). Our system is fully portable (hand-held), robust, lightweight and tuned to specific analytes of interest. A patent application is proceeding for this technology.

The SOILYSIS e-nose was followed up in 2022 by the award through the BEIS initiative in the Green Energy sector for the application of MS and e-nose technology to a small-scale hydrogen production facility (HYS1 2167). The facility using waste feedstock to power its fleet of hydrogen fuel cell based commercial vehicles and is monitored using e-nose gas sensors developed by Q-Technologies Ltd. A separate patent application is proceeding for this technology.

Previous projects include the development of an artificial sensor to complement the work of sniffer dogs at border checkpoints (www.sniffles.eu), an in-water MS system used in aquaculture, and work for the National Nuclear Laboratory, ERC funded projects OCHRAVINE and EMERTOX and AgROBOfood, which use our sensor technologies, along with those of our research partners, to actively monitor the presence of toxic fungi in crops and water quality, toxicity with respect to marine toxins, and integration with robotic monitoring of agriculture, respectively

Professor of Electromagnetics and Physical Electronics at the University of Liverpool. Steve is head of the Mass Spectrometry Research group in the School..

Jason is involved in Business development for several technology companies in the UK and overseas. He holds several patents in EDM and LASER Technology.

Dr. Neil France – Project Manager
Dr Neil France is an Electrical Engineer with a BEng and PhD from the University of Liverpool. He is a principal project manager at Q Technologies.

Darren has over 18 years experience in the UK venture capital industry with a focus on early stage, technology SMEs, syndicated investments and ERDF structural..