Our technology has a wide range of applications. The small size and low cost of our QMS technology means that it is possible to put it into freely in autonomous systems and in-situ applications. Low cost, low power, real time, universal QMS sensors are currently deployed in several market sectors such as: security, medical, environmental, oil/gas and process monitoring.

Links to published work are given below.

Q-Technologies has been an active player in an number of international consortia including…

Q-Technologies partners with the UK National Nuclear Laboratories (NNL) in the development.

Our technology is able to detect, monitor, and/or analyse a range of environmental hazards including PAHs and organohalogens, enabling active monitoring of agricultural envrionments, which can be used to maintain ecostability and food security.

Q-Technologies has demonstrated its use in the oil and gas industry with its work.

Q-Technologies has demonstrated the feasibility of using its VapourSense technology.