Handheld DAPCI

Flexible. Powerful. Portable.

DAPCI is a custom designed ambient ionisation source that can be coupled to a mass spectrometer for analysis of a range of compounds in the solid phase. The primary application is the detection of drugs and explosives at border security checkpoints. The ionisation mechanism and ease of use means it has the ability to perform ambient analysis by trained personnel with non-technical expertise.

Handheld DAPCI can be used in a laboratory setting or in in field operation to detect: controlled substances, explosives, polymers, hydrocarbons, bodily fluids in healthcare applications.


  • Miniaturised ionisation source
  • Battery Operated for in field use
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Lightweight and small footprint
  • Fast operation (no warm up time)
  • No sample preparation needed
  • Integrated Heating Element option
  • High ionisation efficiency
  • Positive or Negative ionisation