Q-Technologies is proud to add three new fully portable products for the monitoring of heavy metals in water, oil and grease in water, and chlorophyll. The OD-300P, GO-800P, and Algae-600P are three products using spectrophotometers for new highly accurate detection.

Multiple channel Smart Inlet Valves (S.I.V) for ambient sample introduction into mass spectrometer

Q-Technologies Ltd is proud to present our latest product: a range of smart inlet valves (S.I.V) and a control Unit. Up to 8 fully opening pinch valves can be electronically controlled down to millisecond timing for mass spectrometry sample introduction or gas blending.

In collaboration with Rotterdam-based Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions, as of October 2015 Q-Technologies has embarked on another European Union research project tasked with developing the latest generation of sniffer.

Sniffles ‘Rover 2000’ beta system showing constituent parts, integrated device and docking station.

There were several technical achievements and outcomes from the Sniffles project. A linear ion trap (LIT) mass analyser was designed, manufactured and validated in a laboratory environment for the identification of hidden people, drug simulants (Methyl benzoate, Acetic acid) and explosive simulants (2-nitrotoluene, Cyclohexanone)..

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, visited University of Liverpool on 04/07/14 and was given a demonstration of the portable mass spectrometer systems for the AquaMMS and SNIFFLES projects.
Q Technologies is a key player in both of these projects.

We have recently been published in the Chemistry World magazine March 2014 in an article about the future of miniature mass spec. applications and requirements.


Q-Technologies is the successful April winner of the Merseyside Innovation Awards 2013.

Innovation has shaped the world we live in today, and the Merseyside Innovation Awards exist to encourage and enable people and businesses in Merseyside to develop and realise their innovative ideas..