Q-Technologies New Product Release

Multiple channel Smart Inlet Valves (S.I.V) for ambient sample introduction into mass spectrometer

Q-Technologies Ltd is proud to present our latest product: a range of smart inlet valves (S.I.V) and a control Unit. Up to 8 fully opening pinch valves can be electronically controlled down to millisecond timing for mass spectrometry sample introduction or gas blending.

This innovative new product is immediately available and can greatly assist in the introduction of ambient ions into a vacuum region for mass analysis. The industry leading pinch valves used in this product are fully opening thereby ensuring unobstructed flow of particles. The electronics control unit that ships with each valve or set of valves is able to control up to 8 individual valves simultaneously via PC driven software.Each valve can be controlled with millisecond precision to pulse a stream on ions into a vacuum chamber. In addition when closed the valve is able to exert sufficient pressure to maintain a vacuum. The durable construction and high life cycle of this product ensures reliability and performance in any other applications that require pulsed gas flow.